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Saturday 20th January 2018   

Total: 113 signs

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Funny Road Signs

Car bridge
That sign really shouldn't be there.
Wrong way
A tremendously helpful sign.
A unique take on a no speeding sign.

No swearing ?
The joys of being famous.
Keep right
Keep right. And left.

The cassowary on this sign seems...
Well that's helpful.
Late for work
All right don't need to rub it in.

These guys need to go back to one.
At least it's not far...
Now that's just being awkward.

Split sign
This speed limit sign has been s...
Get to work
One mean sign operator.
Blind crossing
How's a blind person going to re...

I don't think its working.
One way
Which way ?
Gotta stop
In case you missed it the first time.

No exploding
No exploding. Or trumpets.
Water on road
You couldn't get much more obvious.
Parking wrath
A unique deterrent.

Can't forget the warthogs.
Prison lodging
Not quite what we had in mind.
Thou shalt not
The eleventh commandment.

Road works
Caution, children digging up the road
Stop blunder
Someone needs to pay a little mo...
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